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Winner of life

The Team Rynkeby - hohes C Nieder-Olm team carried out a Christmas campaign in December 2020. In addition to a successful fundraising campaign, a virtual Advent calendar was also offered, which was filled with stories, recipes, videos and competitions relating to Team Rynkeby.

The final competition was hidden behind the penultimate door. Two original team jerseys from the 2019/2020 season were raffled off as the main prize. One of the two main prizes went to Michaela Ruckes, mother of Lukas – and you can find out why this could not have been a more perfect fit:

Lukas - 22 years old - lives near Koblenz, in the Rhineland-Palatinate, German State, and studies medical technology. He likes to play volleyball and to go cycling with his friends and fellow students. An active young man who won a major battle as a child.

The story goes back to 2005, when Lukas began to get sick more often and more severely after starting school. At the end of the first year, he was barely able to walk because of swollen lymph nodes. After a visit to his pediatrician and a complete blood count, he received a phone call in the evening asking to come straight to the hospital the next day. There, he and his parents received the terrifying diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL for short).

Inpatient therapy started immediately after the diagnosis. This lasted a total of nine months and went very well. After that, Lukas finally could return home, where he now put all his efforts at school, so that he did not have to repeat the second grade. During the recovery time in the hospital, Lukas happened to hear about the German Children's Cancer Foundation's "Forest pirate camp".

A total of 11 times - between 2009 and 2019 - Lukas took part in the forest pirate camp. There he visited all three different branches of the camp: the children's camp (9-15 years), the 16-17 camp and the over 18 camp (mixed over 18 years).

“The most important thing about the camps is the team spirit of  the participants. But it is a different kind of team spirit, because you have more understanding for each other, because everyone went through the same thing. For example, people with major disabilities come and that's not an issue there - we simply have fun together, ”Lukas says.

Activities in the camps range from creative activities such as sewing, handicrafts or woodworking to sports such as cycling, circle training and ultimate frisbee. There is also the opportunity to use the high ropes course on one day. This activity is very important, because “to dare is to do” [or in German, “Mut tut gut”],  - which is also the motto of the forest pirate camp.

Lukas was last on a camp in 2019 when he was 20 years old. Not because of Corona, though, but because the system was changed. You move further and further down the waiting list the more often you have been to camp. “The relationships from the camps are so strong that we still meet outside of the camp. It often happens that I go to see a friend in Hanover or that friends come to see me, ”Lukas says.

Lukas was already active on his bike in the fight against childhood cancer in the colors of the rainbow ride. Together with friends, he drove the route between Bingen and Koblenz (approx. 65 km) as a guest driver and visited 2 clinics to cheer up and bolster spirits.

In the future, Lukas would like to work in nuclear medicine technology - for example with Computed Tomography (CT) and radiation devices. "With my background, I want to give something back," says Lukas, "in this area I have the opportunity  and hope that i can help many people".

Together with the German Children's Cancer Foundation, the Team Rynkeby - Hohes C team is pursuing the goal of intensifying research into childhood cancer and developing new, safe treatments to improve the chances of recovery and to reduce or even completely avoid the long-term effects.

We, as Team Rynkeby, are very happy to bring Lukas‘ plans a little closer with the support of our sponsors.

Anyone who would like to help us is cordially invited to support us in our 20-year Team Rynkeby fundraising campaign. No contribution is too small to take us one step further in the fight against childhood cancer!

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